The 50 Best Independent Coffee Shops in Bristol

Bristol is one of the UK’s most prominent coffee capitals, steaming with some incredible, hip, coffee shops, coffee connoisseurs and roasters…. Not to mention a plethora of scrumptious bakeries, tasty sandwich shops and friendly cafes! At Ordoo, we promote some of the best independent coffee shops, and Bristol has absolutely no shortage of these.

Whether you are in town for a weekend, a morning, or live in Bristol, you’ll be happy you’ve found out this list of the best independent coffee shops in Bristol, because you’ll want to visit each and every one!

We have frequently discussed the incredible coffee culture in Bristol and some amazing coffee shops to check out while you’re in town, out for lunch or needing a pick-me-up!

Here are some options for the top local coffee shops in Bristol, whether you are hoping to get some work done in the coffee capital of the UK, enjoy a top-notch cup of joe, or simply play tourist and focus on some of these fab Bristol coffee shops as the ultimate coffee destinations!

Try out one of these top 50 coffee hot spots in the hippest UK coffee city, Bristol.

  1. Small St. Espresso 23 Small Street, Bristol, BS1 1DW

Best coffee shops bristol

Located (quite obviously, due to its name) on Small Street in old city Bristol, this quaint café is great for spending a comfortable Saturday morning. They roast their own coffee, featuring plenty of the best types of coffee beans from around the world. They recently announced they’ll be opening a second Small St. Espresso – one to watch out for.

  1. Full Court Press Specialty Coffee 59 Broad St. Bristol BS1 2EJ


Full Court Press Specialty Coffee, or FCP, as locals call it, is recognised as one of the most ‘coffeeist’ -coffee places in the city. Not only do they serve top of the line coffee drinks, they also feature coffee brewing courses, which you can request at either better brewing level or barista brewing skills.

The coffee served here is from local roasters and you can buy bags of 250g from the shop. For their coffee drinks, FCP have a pretty strict ideal for good coffee: less milk, less sugar, and their small menu is a tone to their idea that coffee should be served like a fine cocktail. They also serve teas and hot cocoa.

  1. Playground Coffee House – 45 St Nicholas St, Bristol BS1 1TP


This artsy café features four rotating espressos with single origin guest and filter coffees, as well as loose leaf teas, locally made cakes, and their well-known sour dough rye toast and fresh pastries from Herbert’s Bakery in Montpellier.

The Playground also offers their customers a choice of table football, Bristol Monopoly and Tichu, as well as swings as seats!

  1. Hart’s Bakery – Arch 35, Lower Approach Road, Temple Meads, Bristol BS1 6QS

Another famous Bristol locale known for their soughdough breads, and of course, fine coffees. Hart’s Bakery is located in a Large Victorian Railway Arch at the Temple Meads station in Bristol, and features seating that allows customers to watch the bakers prepare and cook their deliciously smelling breads, pastries, cakes and savouries.

They feature seasonal espresso blends on rotation, and currently offer a red bourbon coffee bean from Extract Coffee Roasters. Stop in for coffee, breakfast or lunch at this Bristol coffee hot spot.

  1. Ahh Toots – St Nicholas Market, St Nicholas St, Bristol BS1 1LJ


This coffee locale may have caught your eye before, as their amazing cakes can be seen on display in St Nicks Markets’ Glass Arcade. These cakes are pretty unique: get everything from botanical cakes, vegetable cakes, American-style cakes, artsy cakes and so much more. How does chocolate and beetroot sound? Or a pina colada? Order a specialty made cake or sit in and taste whichever you fancy.

Featuring Clifton’s Coffee, a brand well-known for quality, customers at Ahh Toots can get either coffee or tea, as well as the shop’s specialty iced tea, made in-house.

  1. Bar Chocolat – 19 The Mall | Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4JG


Bar Chocolat in Clifton is a great little place for a nice treat, either savoury or sweet. Obviously, their chocolate offerings are well-known to the regulars, especially the selection of hot chocolate, cakes and pastries. Walk across the suspension bridge and then stop here amongst some cute Bristol shops to warm up and relax at a nice independent café!

  1. Friska – 70 Queen’s Road, Bristol BS8 1QU

This is actually more well-known as being a food chain, but why not stop in for lunch and some peaceful work time? They feature Clifton coffee, a known bestseller and delicious option, as well as tea by Canton Tea.

One of many in the chain, the one located in Bristol is actually inside a record store, so take a break from work and browse through some records and books! Order some ‘feel good food’ like a lunch hot box to fuel your productivity!

  1. Blue Pig Café – 33 Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4UA


Recognised as one of the top Bristol coffee shops on Tripadvisor, you know this café offers great food and excellent customer service! Blue Pig Café features the infamous Russian pancakes (a bit thicker than British pancakes) as well as a great variety of sandwiches and of course, carefully crafted coffee drinks (all from locally sourced ingredients!)

  1. Café Ronak – 169 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8BE


Great prices, friendly staff, amazing choices and BRUNCH make this another Bristol favourite for independent coffee houses. Choose from breakfast, mezze boards, sandwiches, burgers and more. The back garden is cosy, and don’t forget to pop along to view their rotating art gallery for a bit of Bristol culture.

  1. Café Kino – 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU


This is the top rated coffee shop option for getting work done in Bristol, with free Wi-Fi and some great quiet corners for concentrating. Enjoy some of the co-operative’s vegan or vegetarian options (we’ve heard good things about their vegan bacon!) and some delicious coffee or tea.

Peruse the local art or plan ahead for the next event you’d like to see at this laid back Bristol art café.

  1. The Duchess of Totterdown – 198 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2


This intimate cake shop and coffee house seats about 20 people, and makes customers feel at home in Bristol! Using fresh ingredients and serving not only all three meals and cakes, their coffee and tea is of good quality and the décor is memorable!

  1. Folk House Café and Bar – 40a Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG


Fresh, organic, sustainable and local is at the heart of this independent Bristol café. Book a party, attend a class or get an event catered with your choice from their seasonal menu at the right price.

  1. The Tea Birds – 20 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JA


Another independent Bristol café with exquisite décor, The Tea Birds is a vintage tea house with flair! Serving local teas and coffees, as well as home-baked goods, sandwiches, and of course an afternoon tea, this is a picturesque location for a nice gathering.

  1. Boston Tea Party – 1 Princess Victoria Street, Bristol, BS8 4HR

Named Best Café by both Food Magazine and the Café Life awards, this coffee shop chain is one not to miss! With 17 cafes and one due to open soon, it’s obviously a hit with many customers. And five of those are in Bath!

Stop by the location on Princess Victoria street to get some work done while test tasting a new flavour of coffee (either their house blend or one of the rotating guest options) or some loose leaf tea, smoothies or even local beer!

15. Parade Café__– 24 Gilda Parade, Whitchurch, Bristol BS149H__


Chow down with the well-loved all-day breakfast/brunch at the Parade Café, an ‘80s style English café in Bristol.

  1. Roll for the Soul – 2 Quay Street, Bristol BS1 2JL


Cycle over to the bicycle-themed Roll for the Soul, a Bristol coffee shop perfect for the cycling enthusiast. Enjoy vegetarian, gluten-free and other healthy options from their full café menu, some cake for pudding, obvs, and of course a delicious coffee from Clifton Coffee Company. Plug in to the free Wi-Fi while enjoying your meal and getting some work done as well.

Flat tire on the way? Roll for the Soul can even help fix your bike whilst you’re in the café! They offer cycle service and repairs amongst other bike-related options. Stop in on the evening for some live music!

  1. The Crazy Fox Espresso Bar- 34 – 36 the Arcade, Bristol BS1 3JD


Specialising in espresso and light snacks, the Crazy Fox is a local café that offers unique yet classy offerings for those of you wanting a nice coffee and a small bite to eat. Located in the Arcade, it’s a convenient location with good prices… and great coffee!

  1. Biblos__ – 62A Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QU__


Biblos on the Hill is a really cool concept bringing you the best of the Middle Eastern and Carribean cuisine. Fancy healthy and delicious food? Biblos on the Hill is the right place for you.  This is the place I will be going everytime I feel home sick (being Middle Eastern and all)!

  1. Mocha Mocha Coffee House – 139 Saint Michael’s Hill, Bristol BS2 8BS


This quaint coffee shop features not only high quality coffee drinks but also sandwiches and light bites, which they can deliver to local businesses as well! Mocha Mocha serves Martin Carwardine coffee which is hand roasted, a brand that features a luxury espresso that keeps regular customers coming back to this Bristol favourite.

  1. Sotiris Pastries – 16 Park Row, Bristol BS1 5LJ


If you want an authentic Greek café experience, complete with quality coffee and scrumptious pastries, head no further than this cosy independent coffee shop in Bristol! Their menu is short but sweet with Greek coffee classics like a freddo espresso, and traditional Greek pastries like the delicious snanakopita.

  1. Beese’s Bar and Tea Gardens – Wyndham Crescent, Bristol BS4 4SX


Head down to the river bank on the Beese’s ferry for a coffee or tea with a view! In operation since 1846, this historic spot is great for live music, their annual beer festival, wedding receptions and more. Just open Friday through Saturday, so reserve a place for a locally sourced Sunday roast or seasonal specials.

  1. Lashings Coffee House – 7 Lower Redland Road, Bristol BS6 6TB


Serving an excellent selection of the finest local coffees like Cliftons, this Bristol café offers a quality coffee drink alongside great food at a good price. Enjoy the nice courtyard while you try their breakfast options with the whole family.

  1. The Crepe and Coffee Cabin – Prince St, Prince Bridge, Bristol


Guess what you can find at the Bristol Crepe and Coffee Cabin? That’s right, and they are delicious! Nice, strong espresso, fresh crepes with mouth-watering toppings and a cute, corner location means this is a favourite for locals and tourists alike.

  1. Brew Coffee Co. – 45 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2LS


Another Bristol favourite serving Clifton Coffee, this café features a seasonal roast made especially for them. They also boast serving locally sourced and homemade food, so stop in to try out some breakfast, lunch or dinner while enjoying the artsy feel of the coffee shop whilst finishing up whatever project you are working on!

  1. Caffe Clifton – St Pauls Road, Bristol BS8 1LX


This Clifton favourite serves restaurant style food amongst their great coffee offerings. Delivering many types of events from kids’ pottery to corporate lunches, this place is great for anyone in the area! They serve up Clifton Coffee, a Bristol fave, and pride themselves on serving fairtrade and locally sourced foods.

  1. The Kingfisher – 17-18 Straits Parade, Bristol BS16 2LE


Stop in for a fresh, local meal of breakfast or lunch, open mic night, café quiz, to let the kids roam in the play area, a nice afternoon tea or a strong cup of coffee! The Kingfisher is a picturesque community-style café with notably friendly service and good food.

  1. Mark’s Bread – 291 North Street, Bristol BS3 1JP


Carb lovers, unite at Mark’s bread, where you can try an assortment of baked goods and specialty loaves as well as learning some of their excellent recipes in a break-making course. This café serves Extract coffee, loose leaf teas and a selection of beer and wine as well.

  1. Hooper House Cafe – 113 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW


Order up some home cooked food from the Hooper House, an independent café that serves not only specialty coffee but also a comfy, hipster atmosphere! Try one of their tasty scones, a bagel sandwich, lemon cake or just a wonderfully strong coffee.

  1. Cox and Baloney’s Tearoom & Bar – 182-184 Cheltenham rd, Bristol BS6 5RB


A lovely afternoon tea, brunch, party or gin cocktail can all be found at this Bristol favourite! Cox and Baloney’s features a gourmet menu of fresh food and impeccable drinks for any occasion. Try a cocktail in a tea pot for a cheeky afternoon tea!

  1. Baristas Coffee Collective – 29 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6AA


This independent venue is quite clearly passionate about their coffee and knowledgeable about different types of coffee as well as coffee trivia in general. The baristas ingenuity comes through in the renowned customer service, and is also evident in the great taste of all coffees and sandwiches! Opt for a loose lease tea, panini, salad, or one of the many seasonal options while at the Baristas Coffee Collective in Bristol.

  1. Azuza Coffee Shop – The Almshouse, 19/21 Merchant Street, The Galleries, Bristol, BS1 3EH


Located in the Galleries shopping centre, this Mediterranean style coffee shop offers a comfortable atmosphere and outdoor terrace for a nice break from your shopping trip or work day! Their award winning coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica beans, and they serve al all day breakfast as well as tasty lunches at a reasonable price.

  1. Swinky Sweets- 20 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5JA

Fantastic cupcakes as well as bespoke cakes and even a quality latte are available at this Bristol cake shop!

  1. Café Refectoire – Cannon Street, Bristol BS1 3LP


A nice escape from the bustling bus station nearby, the Café Refectoire in Bristol is a quiet, comfortable spot to stop for healthy hot or cold food at a reasonable price and of course a nice cup of coffee!

  1. Tradewind Espresso– 118 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2RP


A seasonal menu topped off by specialty coffee offerings makes this Bristol locale a favourite amongst all visitors. The manager, Jen, told us Tradewind serve a seasonal espresso blend from Roasted Rituals as well as rotating single origin espresso. We also serve a single origin as a V60 – typically a light and brighter option. Try some of their gourmet, organically-made fresh dishes and relax in the laid-back environment of Tradewind Espresso.

  1. Off Centre Café Lounge- 12 Baldwin Street, Unit 4, Bristol BS1 1SA


Serving breakfast all day, sandwiches and jacket potatoes for lunch, and a selection of pastries and baked goods, this independent café offers a nice retreat from Bristol city centre. A vegetarian selection and gluten free options make this a favourite for locals and tourists alike.

  1. Ape About Coffee – 51-53 Merchant Street, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3EE


An infamous Bristol mobile coffee bar pop-up, the coffee sensation Ape About Coffee is a delicious place to find a coffee on the go. Now also featuring an espresso stand in the Broadmead shopping area, this place is a must for some incredible Bristol coffee.

  1. Patisserie Leila – 88 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RJ


This French patisserie is the place in Bristol for macaroons! Stop in to sample their infamous macaroons and order a freshly prepared cake to top it off. They serve coffees and teas as well as food, and bake cakes not only for sale at their coffee shop but also specialty to-order cakes for weddings and occasions.

  1. Coffee #1 – 4 Canford Lane, Westbury-On-Trym, Bristol BS9 3DH


Although this is one of numerous Coffee #1’s scattered across the Southwest, it is still a locally owned coffee shop and a very popular spot in any of the six locations around Bristol city. Plus, locally sourced milk and the finest coffee beans make this a nice spot for a great coffee!

  1. Woodes Café – 18 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5JA


With prices lower than chain coffee shops, Woodes is a lovely, classy and relaxing place for a delicious cup of coffee and some freshly cooked treats. Stop in for a sandwich, cake, pastry or a nice bacon sandwich! Bring cash, and your lap top if you want to get some work done along Park street.

  1. VX – 123 East Street, Bristol BS3 4ER


Serving a delicious array of light bites ranging from hot dogs to quesadillas to sausage butties, this vegan café is a popular Bristol spot. Originally from London, it opened in Bristol in 2013 and has been a hit ever since.

  1. Cafe Du Jour – 72 Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 22A


This European style coffee house features French cuisine and a relaxing, laid back experience. Taste some light bites including breakfast snacks, nice sandwiches, baguettes, cakes, pastries, and fine loose leaf tea or French style coffee!

  1. CUPP – Philadelphia Street, Cabot Circus, Bristol BS1 3BZ


This converted shipping container contains a unique little Taiwanese bubble tea shop that features numerous flavours and even some original coffee drinks, bubble tea style! Get an iced fruit tea for an alternative, and top it off with cupcakes or noodles!

  1. Sourdough Café – Saint Nicks Markets, Bristol BS1 1J


Locally sourced ingredients make breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and of course cake an excellent experience at this Bristol fave. They serve Extract coffee and some fantastic home baked sourdough bread in St. Nick’s market, and offer friendly service and a charming atmosphere!

  1. Tincan Coffee Co. – 234 North Street, Southville, Bristol


This nice little quirky café features ‘Indie Coffee since 2011’ and a comfy experience for whatever you’d like to get done at a  Bristol coffee shop. Seasonal, specialist coffee beans, salads, sandwiches and cakes provide whatever savoury or sweet treat you desire!

  1. Coffee Lounge Ltd. – 27A East Street, Bristol BS3 4HH


The Coffee Lounge Ltd. Is a funky coffee-centred café that serves up the freshest coffee, ground in house each morning.  Eddie’s Coffee Lounge has a secret coffee recipe blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Arabican, as well as full menu of sandwiches and more.

  1. Rimando’s Soft Play Coffee House – Gloucester Road 395, Bristol, BS7 8TS


Parents, unite. And drink great coffee. While your children entertain themselves! This family run business offers a comfortable yet stimulating environment for children and parents alike, reunite with friends while you take a break from the kids at this family-friendly café!

  1. Havana Kitchen and Cantina – Bristol, 37A cotham hill, Bristol BS6 6JY


Order up a fabulous breakfast at this laid back café with nice servers and quick service! Fairtrade coffee, tons of tasty light bites, lots of tea flavours, and free newspapers!

  1. Rubicon Too – 22 Cotham Hil, Cotham, Bristol


Lovely coffee at a great price, this coffee shop offers a nice, comfortable location to watch the world go by while enjoying a nice cuppa! Try their breakfast while you’re in.

  1. Fringe Jazz Café – 32 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4BZ


Although this is a jazz bar, they’re top rated for some of the best coffee drinks in Bristol! Go along on an evening weekday for some fun jazz and strong coffee and a great night.

  1. Soho Coffee Co – Concorde Street, Cabot Circus, Bristol, BS1 3BF


A fairtrade coffee shop located in Bristol’s Cabot Circus, this cosy shop offers breakfast sarnies, wraps, paninis, jacket potatoes and lighter options as well as any type of drink you fancy for your retail therapy!

What are your favourite independent coffee shops or cafes in Bristol? Let us know!