Marketing is evolving. It is now more important than ever to understand your customer and engage with them on a personal level. The days of mass marketing are over. Data-driven technology marketing is on the rise and the companies that can leverage this will win. This week, I thought it relevant to share a page from my recent white paper on digital customer engagement. Do you know what it really is?

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Technology Prospectus 2018 – Mobile ordering – How to build loyalty:
Mobile ordering appears as a key feature in the Caterer, an industry-leading publication. This helps prove it’s the year for mobile ordering!

Lessons Learned from building marketplace startups” – I spoke at the London Marketplace Meetup last year about building Ordoo, check out the follow-up YouTube video.

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Read and consider the benefits of mobile ordering to customers and venues alike. We've distilled our insights from years of experience in the industry. Mobile ordering is here - be prepared! 

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