Olives for the table, a slightly fancy wine, a chocolate treat to go with a morning coffee – all part of the vital upsell strategy entrusted to the eager waiter or friendly barista to encourage customers to spend more. But this is a delicate art, a honed- skill that takes practice to balance this push for sales with great customer service. Even then, with the busy breakfast rush, lunch time peak and dinner -time surge – targets and add-ons could all so easily be forgotten in the scramble to serve customers and serve them fast.

If only there was an easier way of getting customers to part with a little more cash. With a Deloitte report showing mobile ordering increases spend on food by up to 20%, a mobile app could be the low-effort alternative, allowing those sit -in customers to order hassle – free from their table.

Ordoo has already seen its coffee venues increase their average basket size by 17% but how exactly are they getting customers to spend more? Part of it is simply down to having more choice.


Studies report that customers subconsciously order more when presented with all the options on the menu. With a digital menu at their fingertips, customers using a mobile ordering app can easily browse everything on offer, increasing the chance of extra items being added (impulse buys) or for regulars, encouraging them to try something new (at a slightly higher price). Add salmon to that avocado toast? That’s a winning breakfast combo! And the honey-topped yogurt would make a great mid-morning snack.

These “extra” items could even form part of a meal deal. Kens Kitchen in London did exactly that, giving customers the option to add a drink to their food order for £1. This lead to an increase of 7% in average basket size – showing just how simple increasing customer spend with a mobile app can be.

And just as a regular, paper menu is designed in a way to guide and influence a customers’ decision, a digital menu can also help highlight particular items, whether that’s a new dish, a high mark-up meal or even the most popular order which could lead to those all-important upsells. For Kens Kitchen this meant placing their most popular “Beef Rendang with rice” at the top of the menu,  under “Ordoo Recommendations”.

But a mobile ordering app doesn’t just give customers more choice. It also gives them more time to make these choices.

Inside of coffee hop wit menu

More Time

We’ve all been there. 10 minutes of waiting in the queue without a view of the menu and suddenly we are at the front – squinting at the various combinations of coffees and their prices and trying to guess just what exactly are in the pastries. All of this to be decided in a matter of seconds unless you want to suffer the collective glare of (almost) the entire shop. The result? You panic and just go for your regular black americano.

A mobile ordering app, however, allows those customers who have a little more time,  to deliberate over their breakfast from the comfort of their table and without the added pressure or hassle.  This could mean customers are less likely to make a snap decision and keep “playing it safe” with the same regular order, encouraging them to try new things or add extra “add on” items.

In fact, these items, or combination of items may never have been ordered in the first place if they had to have been uttered out loud. Why? Social pressure.

table ordering coffee

No Social Pressure

As we all know, social pressure has a huge influence on what we do, including it seems to how we order our coffee. Malcom Gladwell, who conducted a study for Nescafé,  found that most Americans said they preferred their coffee with a “dark, rich, hearty roast”. In reality, this is only true for 25-27% with the majority secretly preferring weak, milky coffee.

Giving customers a mobile app for table ordering may mean adding extra items from their table away from the judgments of the barista and other coffee-shop goers which could lead to a higher overall spend. Want a skinny latte, but also secretly wish for a double chocolate muffin for breakfast? There’s no disapproving look from a mobile ordering app.

Effortless Repeat Orders

Customers also appreciate convenience- the easier you make it to order the more likely they are to do so, especially for those already sitting down. Without the need to even get up, or queue, an app takes away the potential barriers and that second or third coffee is just a couple of taps away. It even stores the last order making it easier still.

With more choice, more time and more freedom to order exactly what it is they want without any pressure, a mobile ordering app helps make table ordering hassle-free, increasing those all-important upsells, add-ons and repeated orders. And with more control over a digital menu, customer’s can be guided in the direction of those items you really want them to order. All of this without any extra effort so you can just focus on making the great coffee, delicious cakes or perfect paninis that keep those customers coming back.

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