Restaurant Menus Are Going Mobile

Spring is upon us! And it’s time for a bit of a clean-up of your restaurant menu. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to consider launching a mobile menu to improve your basket size and customer experience. Ordoo have been experimenting with variations on the menu structure within the app and now have some important learning that you can apply to your venue’s in-app menu. mobile restaurant menu

Keep it simple

The first piece of advice is simple: have a clear and coherent restaurant menu. Sounds obvious, but the beauty of having a digital menu on the app is that customers can browse it at their leisure without the pressures of a queue behind them or squinting up at a board above the counter, so don’t hinder this advantage by having a messy digital restaurant menu.

Get in the head of a first time customer looking at the menu: What is this venue offering? What is your specialty? Too much choice and not enough clarity is no good.

Highlight what’s ‘most popular’

The Ordoo venue with the highest “Store Viewed” to “Order Complete” ratios, with an awesome 65.38% conversion, is Ken’s Kitchen, a popular Malaysian lunch spot in the heart of Shoreditch. Their menu has an “Ordoo Recommendation” at the top, shown in the picture, presenting their most popular dish. This helps guide new customers at the store and allows the venue owners to push a new dish when they wish.

Make the upsell one click away

An age old trick in the digital restaurant menu game to increase your average basket size is to have the option for the user to add extras to the product or create themselves a meal deal. The right-hand picture shows how Ken’s Kitchen has added the option to have a drink for an extra £1 with their meal, this has led to 7% increase in their average basket size since implementation. Not bad at all for a simple menu hack …

Due to the fact the customer is in a digital queue you don’t have the option to add extras at the point of sale, the classic “do you want fries with that?” scenario. However our research suggests ordering digitally actually leads to higher basket sizes, since the customer has more time to consider what they really want.


Customise and distinguish

Finally, don’t be boring! Stick to your branding, and convey the personality you want your customers to experience and associate with your store. Remember some people might not have ever been into your store before, they are just browsing the app, so be fun with the product descriptions, have a cool picture and description of your store on the app.

In summary

Make your menu clear, think about how it looks to a new customer and try little tweaks such as offering extras for a product. This will ensure you receive a constant stream to high-value orders through Ordoo!

At Ordoo we have an account manager on hand to help you maximise the value from the app. Contact to find out more…

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