From doing our laundry to keeping track of spending and finding dates, you can guarantee there’s an app. In an increasingly busy world where time is of the essence, they play an important role in making our lives easier and more efficient and we have now come to expect almost everything at the touch of our fingertips.

But with an app for almost everything, the competition is high. The average user’s smartphone contains 36 apps (1) with just 10 % of these being used on a regular basis (2).

So how to vie for the attention of a smartphone user when the market is so crowded and attention spans so short?

The answer might just be through push notifications.

According to a study conducted by Urban Airship, it takes just 90 days for 95% of new app users to stop using an app if they don’t receive any push notifications (3). However, the same study found by sending just one daily push notification, iOS users were 3x more likely to use the app over the 90 day period and Android users 10 times more likely.

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Improving Customer Retention

With a quick service venue app like Ordoo, the more users engage, the more likely they are to place orders with venues, increasing customer engagement, and improving customer retention.

With the cost of acquiring new customers 5 times that of keeping current ones (4) push notifications are an effective yet economical way of making sure they keep coming back.

Using customer purchasing behaviour, available through apps like Ordoo, customers that haven’t ordered in awhile can be segmented and targeted with something as simple as a £1 discount. In fact, when Ordoo tested this exact offer in a push notification with customers who hadn’t ordered in 30 days, 65% of customers placed an order (5).

A Powerful Marketing Tool

As well as using purchase frequency, purchase preferences can also be used to tailor offers to something that is more relevant to the customer. This makes push notifications a powerful marketing tool as personalised messages have been shown to improve conversion rates by 3 times as much (compared to generic broadcast messages) (6).

This combined with the right timing and or geo-targeting, is an effective formula for making sure the message resonates with the customer. For Pizza Hut in China, this resulted in 100,000 customers, 4.4 million in revenue (USD) and a 900% ROI…in just 20 days.

After realising they were losing popularity with the younger generation, they were able to offer an incentive to return by sending geo- targeted push notifications to those with “King of Glory” (a popular game among teenagers in China) installed on their phone, inviting them to play with others in store. (7)

Fast and Immediate Communication

Unlike poor old email, push notifications are also fast and immediate which means communicating those one-off deals and limited discounts much easier. Is there a special lunch deal only available on a Wednesday? Or a flash sale that would end before your customers had a chance to check their emails? It works both ways too, with customers responding 3 times faster to a push notification message than email (8).

To make your communication even more relevant, push notifications can also be triggered by customer behaviours. Within the Ordoo ‘Engage’ platform, you can activate customised push messages based on certain criteria. This captures the customer’s attention when it matters most!

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Measure and Improve

In addition, it’s easy to directly measure the effect of a push notification and adapt your marketing message or approach as needed by how a customer responds. Did they go on to buy? Do particular offers work better than others? Do certain times of the day elicit higher responses? You can compare the effect of different messages and really understand how to be effective in reaching your audience.

So quick service venue apps can be far more than just a way of keeping customers happy by saving them precious time. When harnessing the power of push notifications, it can also be a highly effective marketing tool to improve customer loyalty and retention, communicate offers and deals and accurately measure whether marketing is actually working.

Push notifications might just be the digital marketing channel of the future! Join Ordoo to start connecting with your customers today.

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