I may be a little bit old-fashioned, and maybe a little suspicious, but when Fabian and Lilly invited me over to the Playground to try their Espresso Martini my first thought was: ‘Aaaah…caffeine and booze together? Really?’ Well, for as much as I hate saying it out loud sometimes it happens to me too, and this is one of those times…I was wrong.

The combination is just as tasty as it is unexpected.


Playground Coffee House with its pale blue store front, an enviable collection of board games and its iconic swings is one of the most unique and quirky coffee shops in Bristol. Besides freshly baked cakes and a rich selection of teas, the venue is mostly renown for a genuine passion and expertise in speciality coffee.

Oh, did I mention a latte art?


Because latte art is a thing, especially when properly done, and here they know how to turn frothy milk into art, trust me. Picking my own beans, sipping on cappuccino while watching people pass by happily sat in a swing is one of my favourite ways to start the day.

Not an early bird?

Rejoice night owls, for late night swings are-a-coming!

As you may have guessed, Playground Coffee House is now officially open to 11pm (Wednesday to Saturday) and some new, interesting additions have recently made their appearance on the menu.  Checkout the new Bar Tab here. On the list there is something for every taste.


Feel like a winter warmer?

Try a Baileys Flat White.

Fancy a cocktail?

What about a G&Tea; gin, a blend of two aromatic teas and a dash of tonic water!

Need to lift your spirits up?

Then have a swing while sipping on some Playground Gin!

Base to many drinks on the list, this unique brew of Kenyan coffee from Colonna, grapefruit, cardamom, star anise and juniper White Peony and Cascara Tea is the speciality of the house.  I think I may have already found my new favourite cocktail…. *takes a sip of Espresso Martini from that fancy glass feeling cool*