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Recognising individual customers to the level where you know their name is John and that their order is an extra hot, small, double-shot mocha with a caramel shot and whipped cream AND that they just had their wedding last weekend is an impressive feat …

But then remembering: James, Julie, Jack, Justin and Jane (and thats just the Js), plus remembering their orders is beyond manageable. Some cafes have a black book, mobile ordering partners have a tablet …

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The benefits of personalising each customer’s experience is irrefutable, and essential for building rapport so they keep coming back. Our top tips are:

Recognition – There is nothing more flattering than a barista remembering your name and greeting you with a smile. With Ordoo the customer’s name, order, visit frequency and time since last order are all on the order ticket. This creates conversation and wows the customer.

Attentiveness – Remembering small details about the customer’s life, work or birthday is a great way to create a personal experience.

Appreciation – How do you reward you regular customers? Does it stand out from the coffee shop across the road? If you know they love flapjacks, give them one for free on their next visit. Ordoo’s surprise and delight loyalty scheme is another great way we show your regulars some appreciation.

Ordoo’s POS tablet has real-time customer data that staff can use to engage and personalise each customer’s experience. This makes it extra special so they keep coming back time and time again. For more details please check out our 6 Step Digital Customer Engagement Framework white paper.


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How to improve the order ahead experience – Now customers are flocking to mobile ordering for convenience, there are some key lessons to learn about: collection points, ready notifications & re-ordering functionality.
Ordoo’s Interactive Demo – We’ve got a new interactive demo that we can send out for people to play with. Click on the above picture to have a go and check out our user mobile app, Ordoo’s POS tablet app and our Customer Engagement Platform.


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Read and consider the benefits of mobile ordering to customers and venues alike. We've distilled our insights from years of experience in the industry. Mobile ordering is here - be prepared! 

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