No queuing, no cash, no worries …

Ordering your food ahead is not a new phenomenon. In fact, one of the first instances was in 1948, with the drive-thru in the U.S. allowing people to collect their freshly made-to-order food.

Not quite the level of sophistication that the current mobile order ahead trend is at, but the principle of ordering your food and drinks before you arrive at a venue to avoid unnecessary waiting around to order and for the food to be made still stands.

Today the smartphone market and growth in the mobile app marketplace has facilitated the growth of order ahead, with chains developing their own apps on the one hand, and Ordoo providing a marketplace for smaller chains and independent restaurants on the other.

Customers can navigate the map screen on the app, either to find an interesting new venue to try out, or they can return to their favourite lunch or coffee shop. Then they can browse the menu at their leisure, at home, at work, on the bus, up a tree, you name it … checking out recommended dishes by the venue, set a collection time, with their card details already save, they place the order.

Then simply walk into the venue at the time they ordered for, pick up their order, as the venue staff say check their name (a nice personal touch) and voila … lunch is served.

Here is some survey feedback from Ordoo’ers about when and why they use the app:

What was your best Ordoo experience?

Damask T.

“I Ordered a Pitstop sandwich in a lecture through Ordoo, and was able to skip the entire queue when I to collect it. It saved me about 20 minutes.”

Julie W.

“Sometimes I place large orders for several of my colleagues at Ickle in Bristol, it’s always waiting for me when I go to collect it. No messing around with cash. I paid for it all over the app.”

Darren G.

“Walking into my local coffee shop first thing in the morning when the queue is usually out of the door and seeing my coffee waiting for me on the counter.”

Henry G.

“Regularly skipping the HUGE lunch queue at the University of Bath – A great feeling to see people queuing for 20 minutes.”


When do you use Ordoo?

Kat A.

“Lunch when I only have 5 mins. When I have forgotten my purse. When I’m meeting a friend, it’s my turn to buy and I’m late. When it takes 10 mins to walk across town and it takes 10 mins to make a Bagel”


“Buying lunch, getting a drink on the way to work – any time I want to avoid queuing.”


“When I’ve got a few minutes left on my lunch break and don’t want to waste time waiting in the shop.”


“When looking for new, cool places to try in town”

Download Ordoo for iOS and Android.