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Can Ordoo get you new customers? The short answer is YES. However, we don’t operate like a typical aggregator, taking a % commission from your profits for the privilege. We believe that if you create an amazing, shareable customer experience then new customers will flood in. A little boost from


on demand mobile ordering

The ‘on-demand economy’ is on a rise and customers are choosing businesses based on the convenient solutions they offer. How can digitalisation help restaurants and cafes meet the increasingly urgent needs of their customers? The Food & Drink industry is seemingly one of the most susceptible to changing trends. It


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Last week, we looked at the news from Ordoo across August, it was an interesting month. We’ve got an even busier September lined up! We’re at two trade shows and it would be great to see some of you there… This year, Ordoo will be exhibiting at Lunch! 2017 and


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Last week we looked at how trigger-based, personalised notifications can retain customers of F&B venues and keep them coming back more frequently. This week… As with most F&B companies, Subway is committed to “always improving customer experience“. The release of their online ordering webpage and order ahead app follows the likes


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You Can Now Order Ahead For Yo!Sushi At Boxpark  Ordoo is excited to announce that we are trialling the Ordoo app with Yo!Sushi.  You can order the fresh, furiously flavoursome authentic Japanese street food and sushi in advance. Since 1997 and the Sushi conveyor belt, Yo!Sushi has been innovating their product


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Olives for the table, a slightly fancy wine, a chocolate treat to go with a morning coffee – all part of the vital upsell strategy entrusted to the eager waiter or friendly barista to encourage customers to spend more. But this is a delicate art, a honed- skill that takes


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  Last week we looked at how mobile ordering can streamline a venue’s operations. Using an Ordoo venue as a case study, we proved they were able to process more orders in peak periods and deliver a high standard of customer service. This week… When a customer walks out of the door



Data from over 21,000 customer orders collected by order ahead and customer insight tech provider Ordoo during the last 12 months show that lunch and coffee venues using the technology increased the size of their average customer basket spend by 9% and 17% respectively. Coffee venues were able to see


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Last week we looked at how digital menu optimisations can lead to higher average basket size, with Ordoo customers’ average order value increasing at lunch and coffee venues by 9% and 17% respectively over time. I wanted to expand on this and share the details of our operational benefit… Within the F&B


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Coffee Shop Activities Since 1651 when the strong, bitter drink was first introduced to the U.K, coffee shops have played an important role in our society. They were the place where artists and writers gathered, the home of many a political debate and although for a while it seemed like we


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