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New High Street Technology The big chains have been colonising the high street for years, each offering a standardised menu and a uniform customer experience. Recently though, a counter trend has emerged, bringing a renewed sense of hope to a troubled high street that seemed to have lost its way.


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If you love coffee (and cakes and treats and everything else) as much as I do, you’ll want to check out the new app ‘Ordoo‘. I’d never heard of it, but was aware of ‘order ahead’ style apps that were already out there (I think Starbucks uses it?) and so


Cashless payments with mobile

Is your venue ready for cashless payments? Research shows it’s only a matter of time before banking becomes completely digital. According to recent reports, the UK is the fourth most prepared nation cashless payments, but how prepared are we? (1) We may be living in a modern world driven by


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Tom Dewhurst, Founder & CEO of Ordoo celebrated being announced as an upcoming ‘one to watch’ entrepreneur of global number one university business incubator, SETsquared at the House of Commons. Tom was on an exclusive list selected from over 1,000 entrepreneurs who have been supported by SETsquared during the last


restaurant ordering app

Why do you need a restaurant ordering app? The business case for a restaurant ordering app has been building. The benefits are bountiful, and the potential is huge. We are smartphone obsessed. 81% of UK adults own one, including 91% of 18-44 year olds (1), so it’s easy to see


mobile ordering

Mobile ordering will fail unless it can integrate effectively with venues’ existing processes and manage digital queues Mobile ordering systems must be built around a venue’s existing operations and enhance their processes. If this fundamental concept is ignored, the fantastic benefits to owners’ profitability and their customers’ journeys will be


bagel boy

I was first introduced to Bagel Boy when Frankee called on me for a spontaneous lunch out back in the good old days of first year when there was such a thing as ‘spare time’, *sigh*. With venues in three locations around Bristol, this indie hotspot serve up the tastiest bagels


mobile ordering apps

Mobile ordering apps for quick-service venues If mobile ordering apps are not on your radar, then we can only assume that you have been hibernating for winter. Well, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee (app). It is taking the hospitality industry by storm. The common consensus


know your customers

Get To Know Your Customers You might see them every day. You might know that they like their sandwiches on brown, and their daily coffee is a decaf, but do you really know your customers? And why should you care? To put it bluntly, your quick-service venue depends on it.


Mobile ordering for quick service venues

New mobile ordering app streamlines operations and payments for hospitality venues Thanks to disruptive mobile ordering companies, small chains and independent eateries can now match the operational innovation of multinational fast food giants, retain focus on quality, and make sure the hospitality sector continues to cater to the customer’s needs.


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