No queuing, no cash, no worries … Ordering your food ahead is not a new phenomenon. In fact, one of the first instances was in 1948, with the drive-thru in the U.S. allowing people to collect their freshly made-to-order food. Not quite the level of sophistication that the current mobile


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What happens if your customers stop coming back?  When Jenny was in her early 20s she was the customer service champion of Sandwich Central. She was one of those people who always gave a smile with each order and asked a customer about their day. “Jenny your shift ended an


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From novelty to necessity: how user experience (UX) is giving the eating out customer experience (CX) a radical facelift The first time most people heard or even thought about the integration of technology with restaurant customer experience was probably when they read reviews about Inamo. Famous as much for its



Ordoo initiates automated digital customer engagement We understand that the world of running a business is crazy and fast paced. It is difficult to find time to breathe, let alone think about how best to engage your customers. Luckily, Ordoo is on hand to collect and harness your customer data



There’s been a lot of chatter in recent weeks and months about mobile ordering and queueless restaurant experiences. Global names like Starbucks and McDonalds have announced enormous investment in mobile ordering and have received a lot of attention. There has been talk about never needing to queue again, the benefits


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It can definitely be said that mobile ordering has been grabbing the headlines recently. It may not be a new technology for some, the Starbucks Mobile Order And Pay app has taken the world by storm and accounts for 8% of all US transactions. Coupled with the arrival of fast food



How long is too long? Having a queue in your coffee shop or cafe is a beautiful thing to behold, but according to the latest research, if you have more than six guests in a coffee queue, then people are deterred from standing in line. There is another six that


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Imagine it… you walk into the same restaurant that you’ve visited every week for the last 12 months. The queue is long, you wait. You think about the restaurant service you’ve received. The lack of recognition and no one has ever said thank you. Would you return tomorrow? Or start



You Can Now Order Ahead At Savure Find Savure on the Ordoo app, select your lunch and pay through the app. Then just swing past and pick it up to save time and earn loyalty rewards… Not got the app yet? 

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