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Last week we looked at why branded apps are damaging the growth potential of mobile ordering. This week we’re looking into how digital menu optimisation can increase average basket size. One of the key benefits of having a mobile ordering app is the higher average spend you can achieve through: optional add-ons, relevant marketing deals


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If you own a small business in the digital age you will have inevitably become aware of the crucial role that social media plays in our daily life, and in that of your business. This article will help you leverage social media to convert your followers into paying customers in 5


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What do the coffee shops and restaurants of the future look like? Industries are shaped by the technology that are developed within them. Innovation, whether from incumbent businesses or start-ups, define future markets and their adoption determines the success or failure of businesses in that market. Here at Ordoo we make


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Last week we looked at the main operational challenges posed by implementing a mobile order ahead app and how to overcome them. This week is about how own-brand and white labelled apps are damaging the mobile ordering industry. Companies spend a lot of time in building a consistent and recognisable brand



Loyalty schemes are an important way to show appreciation to your regular customers. In fact, 87% of consumers say they have continued to purchase from a brand that has a “good” loyalty scheme and 33% have switched because a competitor had a better scheme. Out with the old … The



Guest post from Cornware – High quality, customisable, biodegradable tableware with a low carbon footprint. The cafe culture is rife and competition is stiff. How does one rise up above the rest? Going green is the order and talk of the day. Customers are more inclined to support and become


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Last week we looked at what have been the key drivers of growth for mobile ordering over the course of 2017, namely: customer insights, improved visit frequency, increased average spend and attracting new customers. Sounds too good to be true, no? Well this week we’re looking at the challenges venues



1. Surely having a physical queue AND Ordoo orders puts a strain on my venue’s operations? How does Ordoo mitigate this? Mobile ordering systems have been known to cause operation issues when not implemented effectively, for example Starbucks had issues of too much demand and an ineffective customer collection system. Ordoo


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Last week’s update was about the players in the mobile order-ahead market, this week we’re looking into why mobile ordering has seen such a surge in growth throughout 2017. The customer benefits are plentiful and fairly obvious: save time collecting food and drink, earn loyalty rewards, forget about carrying cash or paper loyalty cards, personalised and relevant



You might think it is a battlefield out there. The young embracing new technologies and a new way of life, with the older generations feeling left behind and hanging to the old ways of doing things (like paying with cash!) However, all may not be what it seems. Yes, it


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