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Companies spend a lot of time in building a consistent and recognisable brand to provide a clear message to their customer base. Taking this into account, the way a consumer places an order; in the traditional sense, comes in 2 clearly defined ways; separate to an operator’s unique operations. Place an



  The benefits of including a restaurant mobile ordering app are bountiful. In fact, we have already shared seven of them in this post. However, whilst there are plenty of benefits of implementing this type of technology, the question still remains: Is it really right for YOU? Sometimes it is


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Yesterday, YENA announced their 15 people and partnerships to watch in 2017. The Ordoo leadership team were included in this prestigious list of young leaders. Tom (Founder) and Jon (Business Development Director) are the driving force behind Ordoo – the order-ahead app that saves you time grabbing your order from


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There is a new buzz word in town. Cybersecurity has been gaining attention – for the good and the bad. As more of our interactions, like ordering our food and paying our bills, move online and onto our smartphones, there is a growing concern about our cyber security. How protected


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This year’s mighty Comedy Garden kicks off your summer with another round of award-winning comedy paired with bars and gourmet street-food all in sunny Queen Square (14th – 18th June). AND this year just got even better with Ordoo available across all the bars to help you beat the interval rush …


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Download the full report from PYMENTS Res Tech Mobile Order Ahead. Ordoo highlights: Waze has partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to promote ordering ahead while motoring. Order before! Restaurants are tapping into the power of mobile technology to bring consumers customised order-ahead experiences that are revolutionising the industry. The Chick-fil-A app, which


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Here you are. You’ve opened your own place, things are going well, every day a new face and a new order. However, wouldn’t it be great to see the same person come in every day asking for ‘the usual’? Customer Loyalty has to be your priority. So what can you


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Go Technology Report – May 2017 Zonal and CGA Peach have teamed up to research the changing consumer behaviours around digital ordering. There are some really interesting findings, confirming customer demand for ‘order and pay’ apps within quick service venues. Download here. Contact Ordoo here.

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From doing our laundry to keeping track of spending and finding dates, you can guarantee there’s an app. In an increasingly busy world where time is of the essence, they play an important role in making our lives easier and more efficient and we have now come to expect almost



Mura Masa is on in 10 minutes. Your mates are calling you, time to get a good spot. You take a swig of your drink – last sip! Peering around for the nearest bar, you spot the queue. It looks like you might not have time to grab a drink. “I’ll


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