In this week’s email, I wanted to shed some light on Ordoo’s partnership management function. We pride ourselves on our customer service and have a dedicated member of staff to make sure our partner venues are happy and working. However, our current partnership manager – Will Taylor – is ending his placement with us this week! Here’s some of the great work he’s been up to.

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My role is to ensure that all venues that use Ordoo get all the support they need to get the most out of our service. A typical day for me would involve:

8:30am: Pre-ordering an Ordoo coffee from Kobo on my way to work in Angel
9:00am: Making weekly calls to venue managers, checking everything is working smoothly and focusing on a monthly theme for each venue
10:00am: Updating today’s menus for Ickle, a food truck in Bristol who change their menu every day!
11:00am: Whole Bagel in Bath is running a Xmas themed bagel – I’ll put it on the app and create a social media campaign to promote it
1:00pm: Maybe another café is having a slow week with fewer orders than normal – I’ll make sure Tristan sends out a notification to boost Ordoo orders
2:00pm: We’ve just had another few venues wanting to sign up to Ordoo – I’ll organise their launches and ensuare they receive their marketing packs ASAP
4:00pm: Pop out to see some venue owners in the area to check the marketing material in venue – maybe say hello to a couple of customers
5:00pm: Then I’ll Ordoo another coffee before I head home from work – getting to know so many café managers isn’t good for my coffee addiction!

It has been a pleasure working with Tom and the Ordoo team over the last 6 months. I’ve built up some fantastic relationships with the team and our partner venues alike. Every day has been different and I look forward to seeing Ordoo go from strength to strength.

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