We love to make friends over here at Ordoo. One of our latest partnership is with one of the leading EPOS providers in hospitality – Nobly. Their complete EPOS solution gives venues all the tools they need to start or grow their business.

Our paths crossed in the build up to Love Saves The Day in Bristol and then we had the pleasure with working with them again at the Bristol Comedy gardens a couple weeks ago. We now have processes in place to make sure both systems operate effectively together to boost sales and improve operational efficiency. From a Nobly perspective, the event was a great success:

120 Tills running concurrently throughout the day and the queues were burnt through incredibly fast in a high stress environment.  Really, Nobly saves the day.

Ordoo caught up with the Nobly team on site to get their take on the Love Saves The Day festival:

Jonathan’s Round Up: 

Area of the Festival: Shambaba, the music was really cool and had a really cool atmosphere
Favourite Activity of the Festival: They had these challenges in association with Brystal Maze which led to a VIP lounge in a blow-up church at the end of the day
The Festival in a Sentence: It was a great experience, my first time at a festival, and a really successful day with Nobly behind the bar


Loren’s Round Up: 

Area of the Festival: Future Boogie Stage, a DJ with an Ainsley Harriott T-shirt on playing some great tunes! 
Favourite Activity of the Festival: The huge Ferris Wheel, gave a great alternative view of Eastville Park and the LSTD set-up, especially as it was so high up!
The Festival in a sentence: An unexpectedly sunny, British Day, spent sampling music I’d previously skipped past, glad to have had the opportunity to work with Refresh West and the LSTD team, can’t wait for next year!


Ordoo’s Round Up: 

Area of the Festival: The main stage! We could hear some bangers from Mura Masa from the Ordoo collection point.
Favourite Activity of the Festival: Handing out pint after pint of pre-paid for beer to the smart people beating the queue. We got a lot of love for our queueless system!
The Festival in a sentence: Love Saves The Day kicked off the British summer in style, we thoroughly enjoyed the event and were tahnkful to our awesome partners – Nobly and Refresh West.

IMG_0090 2-min

If you’re looking to work with Nobly, Refresh West or Ordoo to achieve the same results – then get in touch

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