Last week we looked at why branded apps are damaging the growth potential of mobile ordering. This week we’re looking into how digital menu optimisation can increase average basket size.

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One of the key benefits of having a mobile ordering app is the higher average spend you can achieve through: optional add-ons, relevant marketing deals and promotion of higher ticket items. Ordoo customers’ basket size increased by 9% for lunch venues and 17% for coffee venues over time.

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The beauty of having a digital menu on the app is that customers can browse it at their leisure without the pressures of a queue behind them or squinting up at a board above the counter. So keep the menu clean and easy to read to capitalise on this advantage – make ordering easy.

The menu layout is key to driving higher basket values. Recommend high value products that you want to push at the top of the menu.

Ordoo tracks our partner’s menu optimisation rates through analysing “store viewed” to “order complete” ratios and item click-throughs.


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You can also use order data to understand each customer’s favourite items and suggest similar, higher ticket items they might like through automated push notification and email marketing.

No one likes a hard up-sell. Digital menus avoid this by enticing customers in a more subtle manner. Make sure you give options to “Go Large” or “Add a Drink”. 

Digital menus allow you to easily test new offerings such as  meal deals,with optional paid extras takes, that can increase average customer spend.


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Payment Week – Starbucks advances its AI support in anticipation of increased mobile orders. Their cloud-based Digital Flywheel system will learn from customers’ ordering habits and develop predictive ordering capabilities and personalised, relevant rewards.

Ordoo – What do the coffee and lunch shops of the future look like? Mobile order, self-service kiosks, burger making robots and high quality food and coffee vending machines are either on route-to-market or in the pipeline. We look at the transformative nature of technology in the F&B space.

If you want to increase the average customer spend at your venue, get in touch and book a demo:

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