Last week we looked at how trigger-based, personalised notifications can retain customers of F&B venues and keep them coming back more frequently. This week…

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As with most F&B companies, Subway is committed to “always improving customer experience. The release of their online ordering webpage and order ahead app follows the likes of Starbucks and McDonalds in offering their customers the convenience of ordering remotely.

The Chief Information Officer of Subway describes the move to mobile as “critical” to maintaining high customer satisfaction and improving the Subway experience.

Key to Subway’s pricing model are the high levels of customisations and meal deal options they up-sell to their customers. Mobile has proven to increase average basket value through in app suggestions and less pressure on the customer to make an on-the-spot decision.

The release of the app also comes alongside the announcement of Subway’s Fresh Forward concept being piloted in Manchester and Bristol, which include store re-designs and in-store kiosk ordering platforms.

I haven’t yet had a chance to test out the Subway app, but will do when I’m next in Bristol. Subway are doubling down on digital ordering channels and their move toward digital exemplifies a much larger industry trend towards offering customers a great, fast and convenient service.

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Business InsiderHave Starbucks fixed the operational issues they had earlier this year with in-store bottlenecks from mobile ordering? Almost. Their ready notifications (similar to Ordoo’s) has helped alliviate the problems.

Ordoo –  You can now order and pay for your sushi ahead of time with the Ordoo app at Yo! in Boxpark Croydon. Yo! is an innovative, forward-thinking brand that’s leading the way in providing a stand-out customer experience.


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