Mura Masa is on in 10 minutes. Your mates are calling you, time to get a good spot. You take a swig of your drink – last sip! Peering around for the nearest bar, you spot the queue. It looks like you might not have time to grab a drink. “I’ll meet you in there” you cry out and join the back of the line.

Waiting to get a drink can be stressful. We don’t want you to lose your mates or waste your time not having fun. You came to see the amazing line up of artists not to line up at the bar!

So, we’re excited to announce that you can order ahead at 4 bars at Love Save the Day using the Ordoo app. Once you’ve downloaded it and entered your card details, you will be able to place an order and have it waiting for you. Once the ‘ready’ notification pops up, just go to the Ordoo collection point situated at the exit of the Main Stage Draft and 3 other can bars. There will be a BIG sign so you can’t miss it. The Ordoo team will be there with your drinks and a bright smile.

If you’ve run out of cash and run out of patience – then order ahead on the app.

Download it now for free!