In my last update here, I looked into the developments of mobile ordering throughout 2017. In this update, I wanted to outline how the Ordoo team are planning to take advantage of the mobile ordering trend and make 2018 the year mobile ordering becomes mainstream.

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Last week we welcomed Ben Peck to the Ordoo team to bolster our account management function and ensure all our partner venues receive dedicated customer service. With this in mind, I wanted to outline how we’re improving key areas of the business throughout the year.

Account Management 
Ben is putting processes in place to manage an ever-growing number of venues, keeping the service personal and relevant. We’ve got an exciting partnership with a wifi provider to help increase app downloads over wifi!

With our new monthly subscription in place, getting in front of new venue owners is a major priority for us in 2018. We’re planning to be operating in 250 venues by May and we’re always on the lookout for early adopters to take advantage of our current pricing. Get in touch if you want to know more…

Product Development 
Ordoo is planning to bring our development team in-house full time and significantly drive the product forward. Expect to see user experience optimisations on the app and simplified onboarding, reporting and engagement features for venue owners. We’re also working on EPOS integrations throughout the year.

We’re already doubling down on the marketing channels that are engaging new venues. However, we will also be investing in user app acquisition and engagement. Expect to see continued growth in our social channels and word of mouth incentives.

Having just closed an investment round on Angels Den, the team are excited to execute on the strategies in their respective areas. 2018 is going to be a pivotal year for Ordoo!

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Power Ahead With Click & Collect in 2018 – The kinks have been ironed out by McDonald’s, Starbucks and Greggs. 2018 will see a greater uptake of mobile ordering across the foodservice sector. The death of queues may be upon us.

Ordoo Named Startacus Startup of the Week – We’re glad to have been included in the Startacus annual roundup of their favourite startups from the year.

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