Ordoo’s mission is to save busy people time collecting food and drink. We’re always on the lookout for new places where time is a top priority for customers. Hence, we’re excited to announce that you can order coffee and bagels before you hop on the train at Paddington station. With 150k people passing through every day, there is a great opportunity to add value to the regulars!

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IMG_5094In order to have an Ordoo presence in Paddington, we’ve partnered up with the Bagel Factory, situated on platform 1. These guys are the specialist in quality coffee and bagels on the go, with a further 9 sites located in busy environments. We’ve already kitted out the store with Ordoo material and you can click through to the app from their website. We’re looking forward to working closely together to increase the number of orders in busy periods.

This is a new environment for Ordoo and we’re looking for any feedback on the experience. So next time you’re getting a train from Paddington, place an order and let me know how it goes!

Mobile wallet adoption isn’t happening as some companies expected – Companies must think outside the box to get their customers to pay using their smartphones, especially if they wish to benefit from the data.

Customers save 10 minutes on lunch at Whole Bagel – Ordoo teamed up with a researcher from the University of Bath to analyse the impact of Ordoo on operations at Whole Bagel. The result, signficant time saving and enhanced customer experience.

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