Who is in the mobile order-ahead market in the UK and what is their relative position? The industry leaders are committed to the trend, thats for sure:

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Starbucks: Introduced to the UK market 18 months ago, pioneering mobile ordering functionality in their app. Now with the unprecedented roll out of their app, across the US and UK, mobile order and pay accounts for 8% of all US transactions (Q2 2017).

Costa: The Quick Service app was launched earlier this year and is being tested in 3 sites in London. Ordoo intel suggests Whitbread are not absolutely committed to developing their own branded app.

Caffè Nero:  No one in the coffee industry wants to be left behind by not offering an order ahead service, Caffè Nero launched their white-labelled app this year. It uses QR scan-to-pay, an unnecessary additional friction to the ordering process.

McDonalds: The QSR behemoth has announced all UK venues will have mobile order ahead capabilities by 2018 and currently testing in 60 UK sites. It has restricted the full potential by only preparing orders when the customer scans in at the venue. Not wanting to be left behind Burger King is reportedly testing an app too.

Wetherspoons: This “genius pub app” is leading the way in the pub sector. Young’s pubs have their mobile order & payment app too. Large chains with intensely loyal, repeat customers have reported positive customer uptake of their apps.

Others: Higher-end QSRs have taken up mobile ordering such as GBK and Chilango. Aggregate platforms are giving independents a route-to-market as well providing a mobile order-ahead option for small/medium size chains. Those that don’t at least test out mobile ordering now risk being left behind.

The F&B market might well be 15 years behind the retail industry in terms of online ordering, but times are changing with bold moves being made by these big companies. Mobile ordering seems to be leading the charge with a compounded 5-year annual growth rate of 57% and expected sales of $38bn by 2020 in the US. Those that don’t get involved soon risk being left behind as customers are demanding better experiences and faster ordering.

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PYMENTS.COM – 62% of millennials have placed a digital order with an F&B venue in the last 6 months and they are twice as likely to order ahead using a mobile device. Personalisation and customisation that apps bring to the eating out experience is winning over millennials.

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Propel Hospitality – An Ordoo data sample of over 21,000 orders shows lunch and coffee venues increased the size of their average customer basket spend by 9% and 17% respectively. Menu optimisations, soft up-selling and personalised engagements are the main reasons for this.


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