I had a bit of a tiring weekend, so had to grab a coffee on the way to work. Unfortunately it was not an Ordoo partner venue, so I had to wait over 10 minutes to be served, pay and leave the store. In this time I noticed 2 lots of people walk past the shop and decide not to come in for their coffee.

Surprising some of these independent coffee shops still aren’t evolving with the times. I’ve sent Jon (Ordoo’s head of sales) to have a chat to them.

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When analysing 8,000 orders from the last 16 months Ordoo has found that regular users of the app visit their favourite venues more frequently over time.

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In fact after 12 months of using Ordoo customers are visiting their favourite venue 42% more, on average that’s 3 additional visits each month! Ordoo achieves this by providing a consistently exceptional ordering experience, as these customers can skip the queue and earn loyalty rewards through the app.

We’d love to measure the Ordoo visit frequency against non-mobile orders, however this old-school ordering process obviously doesn’t allow for individual customer level data to be collected. However, we can safely say that if a venue signs up one of their regulars to Ordoo they will see them more frequently as time goes by.

If you want more information on how Ordoo is helping venues see more profitable orders then please check out our new sales pack.

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New Ordoo Sales Pack

Take a look at our new sales pack that gives an overview of how mobile ordering and Ordoo’s Customer Engagement Platform helps to increase Ordoo partner venue’s profitable orders.

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