Recently, Ordoo has received a few inbound enquiries from bars and pubs. It seems customers are increasing become fed up with the queue at the bar and demanding technology to solve this problem. Venue owners are approaching us looking for a comparable solution to the Wetherspoons app. Therefore I wanted to explore whether it’s time for mobile ordering to take over the bar queue!

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The Orderella app pioneered the mobile ordering functionality in bars, enabling customers to beat the queue when it was their round. However, in June this year, they went into administration with £2m of losses. Does this mean that mobile ordering doesn’t work in bars? Did Orderella execute effectively? Or, were they simply investing at the wrong time and ran out of money?
Let’s compare this mobile ordering experience to the Wetherspoons app, which enables customers to order from their table. Having launched at the start of the year, it has now been heralded by the times as the leading contributor to their rising share price, yielding an ‘exceptional surge in sales‘. Furthermore, I spoke with someone in my network with direct contact with senior management who said that the sentiment is extremely positive around the app and it is driving 20% of revenue in some stores.

My view is that these large corporates, such as Wetherspoons, have the recognition and scale to change customer behaviour and make mobile ordering the norm. The benefits of mobile ordering to the consumer are obvious in this environment. Therefore, I think during 2018, many more bar and pub chains will be forced to adopt the technology – or fear losing out to their more innovative rivals!


starbucks-1069758_1280Mobile Order Ahead Now Accounts for One in Ten Starbucks Transactions – The coffee giant’s app is going from strength to strength, growing to over 10% of U.S. transactions. It is undeniable people want to order ahead for coffee!

Ordoo Enables Facebook Ordering with Soos Mallow – We’ve partnered with a company to enable customers to order and pay via the venue’s Facebook page. We’re always looking to transform the way customers order food and drink, so this is an exciting step forward.


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