Guest Post: Chris Hickman is the Founder and CEO at Adficient

Mobile devices completely revolutionized the way marketers had to think about marketing to their audiences. And with the introduction of Amazon’s smart-home device, Amazon Echo, in 2015, a new avenue for marketing was born.

2018 is going to be no different. More individuals are going to use these in-home devices and there’s no telling what types of technology this New Year will bring. While we can’t quite predict the future yet, we can guess at some trends that we’ll see.

Trends to Consider

With the addition of thousands of apps each month to the growing annoyance of mobile ads, usage statistics on mobile devices have given us an insight into how to best conduct mobile marketing in 2018. Here’s what we’ve found.

Mobile Marketing Trends (3)

Mobile Apps

Apps are a huge aspect of smartphone usage. According to August 2016 TechCrunch article, Apple’s App Store expects to offer more than 5 million apps by 2020, and apps account for 89 percent of all mobile media time—with the other 11 percent spent on websites. So if you don’t have an app for your business, now is the time to consider one.

Having an app for your business serves as a great marketing platform: Every time someone uses your app, they will see your brand and brand messages, but they will also interact with your business. Restaurants like Panera and Pret a Manger feature apps where you can pre-order or redeem rewards. Retail stores make it easy to shop directly through an app, or can assist you in-store with barcode search.

Think about your business and its customers. How could an app benefit them the most?

Mobile Ads

If you want more bang for your buck, perhaps consider another avenue besides mobile ads. According to a HubSpot report, 70 percent of surveyed individuals said they dislike ads on their mobile phone—and mobile ad blocking increases each year. Since many audience members use their mobile devices to access the web, it seems like it would be a good idea to post mobile ads. But in 2018, you should seriously consider how impactful your mobile ads are on your customers—and if you’ll have greater marketing influence through other means.

Instead, talk to a PPC management agency to learn more about developing a strong Pay-Per-Click campaign and avoid those annoying mobile popups.

Mobile Marketing Trends (2)

Mobile Gamification

In the previously mentioned August 2016 TechCrunch article, it was also reported that in May 2016 the App Store saw 48,321 new apps released. Of those apps, 43 percent were games. The value of the mobile contents market in video games in North America is estimated to reach $12.6 billion in 2018.

So, if you still want to use mobile ads, consider marketing in mobile games that your audience might enjoy. For example, you can make a video ad that can be pushed on a mobile game app where users can watch the ads to earn in-game rewards like coins.

Mobile Marketing Trends (1)

Voice Search

Voice search is changing the game of SEO, causing even professionals offering SEO services to change how they think about search engine optimization and content.

Before, SEO used to rely on appropriate keywords and making sure that similar terms were used throughout the content. But with the introduction of and rapid adoption of voice search on phones and smart devices such as Siri and Google Assistant, you need to consider how to optimize your content for voice for the coming year.

Amp Up Your Mobile Marketing

Make sure your marketing is prepared by taking advantage of the trends anticipated for 2018. If you’re not really sure where to begin, there are a variety of firms that offer SEO services who can help make sure your mobile marketing is properly optimized and utilizing best practices.


Chris Hickman is the Founder and CEO at Adficient with 15 years of experience in search marketing and conversion optimization. Since 2006, he founded, helping businesses and websites suspended in Adwords to Get Back on Google


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