For parts of this week Ordoo are at YFoods Food Tech Week in London, to get networking with some of the most influential people in the UK’s food and drink industry. It’s great for Ordoo to be on the frontline of where the industry is evolving.

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Following their third quarterly results on an analyst call McDonlads announced they are ready to “flip the marketing switch” on their mobile order and pay app. Currently the app is functioning in 20% of their stores worldwide and they are focusing on getting their operations spot on.

McDonald’s says 30 million people have downloaded its mobile app, with 9 million monthly active users.

The real value for McDonalds is the wealth of customer data it provides. It now has data on repeat visitors, how much they spend and the most popular times of the day.

Caffe Nero:

Their mobile ordering app is now available in 640 of their UK stores and project they’ll have 200,000 monthly active users in the next few months with good initial signs of customer uptake.

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Mobile ordering is on the rise but has had its issues (Wall Street Journal) – Customers are taking to mobile ordering quickly. This high demand has cause issues in some venues, but if planned before launch the operational hazards can be overcome.

Online ordering makes the move to mobile (Hospitality Tech) – Single venue and small chains are tunring to aggregate platforms to take advantage of the mobile ordering trend rather than spending huge sums on their own apps.

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