A new map of the Capital’s queueless cafes and restaurants reveals Londoners north of the river no longer wish to wait in line

Order ahead technology pioneer Ordoo collated the interactive map of London’s queueless independent venues, where you can pay in advance from your mobile device and collect at your leisure.

A stark divide is evident between north and south London. Those living north of the river have access to over 95% more venues using mobile ordering technology, suggesting the Great British love of queueing is less ingrained in areas like Shoreditch and around the Silicon Roundabout.

Recent months have seen giant chains such as CostaWetherspoons, Starbucks and McDonalds launch their own order ahead technology, seeking to latch onto a tech trend that has taken the hospitality world by storm.

Cafes, restaurants and other smaller venues can save what amounts to three and a half days a year in customer queuing, ordering and payment time with mobile ordering technology. With Ordoo, cafes can also create better customer experiences through leveraging data generated by the platform and smooth their operations.

Ordoo founder and CEO Tom Dewhurst commented: “It’s amazing to see the traction mobile ordering is seeing north of the river, and here at Google Campus we’re seeing it work every day. There’s no need for south Londoners to queue either though – this is something that really doesn’t have to remain a British tradition!

“We’re rolling our system out all over London so more customers and more venues can enjoy a slicker experience and simpler operations.”

Join the ‘order ahead craze’ and get in touch with Ordoo here.

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