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How do coffee shops and lunch spots currently engage with customers to try and keep them coming back and visiting habitually? Consistently great service, tasty products and loyalty rewards are table stakes in achieving this.

Partnering with a mobile ordering app can unleash a whole new tool kit for incentivising certain customer behaviours and promoting positive re-enforcement.

Once a customer is signed up and ordering on the app, coffee shop owners have access to their data through Ordoo’s Customer Engagement Platform, so they can see what they buy, when they buy it and how often they visit. Ordoo uses this data to engage their customer through personalise push notification messaging and relevant email marketing campaigns.

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In Nir Eyal’s best-selling book “Hooked”, he describes how customer habits start with an initial trigger, such as a notification suggesting they order their favourite Cappuccino at their local café at the time they usuallyorder. Then through variable, “surprise and delight”, loyalty rewards they start to build up and re-affirm a habit of ordering.

For more information on how mobile ordering helps build a habit of order please take a look at Ordoo’s white paper on Digital Customer Engagement.


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Changes to App Store rules will make it harder for their own branded mobile ordering app – Apple have now tightened the rules on templated apps, making it more difficult and much more expensive for F&B venues to make their own branded mobile ordering app.

GM announces Marketplace – An app store in the newest GM cars that will allow ordering apps such as Starbucks to enable mobile order and payments from your car. So morning commuters will be able to place an order whilst driving!


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