Upsell menuData from over 21,000 customer orders collected by order ahead and customer insight tech provider Ordoo during the last 12 months show that lunch and coffee venues using the technology increased the size of their average customer basket spend by 9% and 17% respectively.

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Coffee venues were able to see that lattes were by far the most re-ordered item, making up 37% of total product re-orders, the Ordoo 12-month data showed. 50.5% of people re-ordered lattes after their first cup. For one lunch venue, it was the Malaysian Curry and Beef Rendang that accounted for 75% or reordered items.

One coffee business in Bath was able to increase their average customer basket spend by 42% in just over a year. In London, a lunch venue boosted their basket spend by 7% through menu optimisation alone, allowing consumers to add extra products, such as a drink before an order was placed. These venues were able to learn in real time how their customers’ behaviour changed.

Tom Dewhurst, Ordoo CEO, commented: “Finding a simple way to get your customers to spend 17% more, on their terms, is significant. These venues are simply using tech and business insight to better understand their customers and give them what they want when they want it. We set up Ordoo so that independent venues would have access to even better tech than the big guys. It’s fantastic that these businesses are reaping the rewards of intelligent customer insight through our simple platform.”

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