Almost everyone is familiar with Google, others might also know about their Google Campuses, since they hold countless events, from yoga sessions to Product Management 101, in locations ranging from Madrid to São Paolo.

However, did you know that the London Campus also has a café open to the public? Located in the hip neighbourhood of Shoreditch, the London Campus Cafe is a great place to study, work and meet incredible people. This café supports and encourages collaborations among entrepreneurs or small start-up teamsits very common to overhear people discussing exciting projects from every corner. Along with their great coffee, they serve healthy food as well, which is the perfect fuel to help get things done.

I found this place especially inspiring because everyone who goes there seems to have the same goal to be productive. Who knows, you could be sitting next to someone who is coming up with the next brilliant idea! Which is why I was drawn to write most of my masters dissertation at this particular café.

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There is one encounter I had there, out of other several amazing ones, that stands out to me.

I met a lovely lady from the US, named Rachel, who quit her job in health policy and took a year off to learn fashion design. Her story sounded amazing to me as it is always thrilling to hear about people taking risks and changing careers to pursue their dreams. When I shared my research topic with her, the determinants of social entrepreneurial activities, it reminded her of a conference she attended a year ago. She told me about a social business based in Nigeria that functions like an Uber, but for tractors. Their goal is to help low-income farmers make the most out of their farmland with limited resources available in the country, by renting tractors using SMS and their application.

After hearing about this, I became highly interested as I was looking for examples of social ventures to support my arguments. So Rachel offered to write to the organizer of the conference and she helped me obtain the speakers contacts. Everything ended up working out well and I eventually interviewed the social entrepreneur for one of my case studies!

Although people are usually extremely busy, you will still find that most are not only very open-minded and geeky (for sure), but also exceptionally eager to help. It is truly encouraging to work in such an environment.

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To access the London Campus Cafe, make sure you become a member and register online first (its free). Youll be given a membership card at the reception, which you will need to scan at the entrance every time you enter. This is used simply to keep track of the number of people attending. Just to give you an idea, the campus welcomed 10,000 members last year!

Moreover, lets not forget that this venue is still a coffee shop after all. One thing to keep in mind is that it can get full very quickly, which is why ordering through Ordoo makes life so much easier! Ordoo is great because I can request my drink as soon as I leave my place and by the time I get to the cafe, itll notify me that my order is ready for pick up.  Thanks to Ordoo, I save a lot of time whenever I go to the London Campus Cafe. I always find my coffee waiting for me at the counter allowing me to get straight to work on my projects!

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