You might think it is a battlefield out there. The young embracing new technologies and a new way of life, with the older generations feeling left behind and hanging to the old ways of doing things (like paying with cash!)

However, all may not be what it seems.

Yes, it is true that those Millennials have been leading the way when it comes to incorporating the new and latest tech into their everyday lives, so it’s no surprise that most businesses have been concentrating their efforts on attracting them. According to the National Restaurant Association, this year will see restaurant industry sales reach $798.7 billion, and it’s the hard-earned dollars of the Millennials that are driving the 4.3% increase.

For the hospitality sector, tech and eating out are going hand in hand for millennials. A recent survey found that they are twice as likely to preorder their food and drink via mobile ordering, and 62% have done just that in the past six months.

However, neglect the ‘Baby Boomers’ at your peril!

Age is just a number – especially when it comes to tech.

These tech-savvy ‘silver surfers’ are flush with disposable income and a new lease on life. Millennials actually earn 20% less than their Baby Boomer counterparts did at their age, and the over-65s are quick to flash the cash. They spend more on restaurants and hotels than any other age group, including £556 per head eating out over the year.

Whilst it is easy to dismiss the older generations in favour of the young, the ‘grey pound’ is still powerful, and with over 76% of over 50s owning a mobile phone and around 46% using social media, they are more comfortable with tech than we give them credit for.

Proving age is just a number, the more mature are quickly getting to grips with mobile ordering and mobile payments, and becoming a market to be reckoned with.

So where is the love?

Whilst baby boomers are finding the love for technology, the relentless pursuit of Millennials by businesses is causing the older generations to not feel the love from them. In fact, they are feeling positively ignored and left out in the cold.

Once known as one of the most loyal generation to locations, venues, and brands, only 28% feel like they are rewarded for their loyalty, and they are now feeling so ignored that 95% would consider “cheating” with competitors.

Just as millennials do, baby boomers value good communication, a strong loyalty programme, and reliability. If businesses don’t shape up and realise just how important the ‘grey pound’ and ‘silver surfers’ are, they risk losing them for good.

It’s time to join the generation game

If you want to bridge the generation gap, then getting a mobile ordering and payment app that is simple to use and easily accessible is a must for your hospitality business.

Talk to Ordoo today and discover how you can reach out to your customers – both young and old.

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