Can Ordoo get you new customers? The short answer is YES. However, we don’t operate like a typical aggregator, taking a % commission from your profits for the privilege. We believe that if you create an amazing, shareable customer experience then new customers will flood in. A little boost from a referral scheme helps to drive this word of mouth! Here’s how it’s done.

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What would you trust more, a flier or a recommendation from a friend? From our experience, the latter is vastly more effective. If you cultivate loyal customers that believe in your mission then they will start spreading the word.


It helps if you can create a ‘WOW’ moment for them to talk about. We like to think that ordering ahead and grabbing your food and drink on the go is an experience worth shouting about! Getting an order ahead app definitely gives you the edge in customer experience.

What’s more, if you use an app to create a unique customer experience, you should be able to track its impact. The ‘invite a friend for a free coffee’ offer is commonplace, because it works! If you can get each new customer to invite at least one new customer then you’ve got an exponentially booming business!

So, how can Ordoo help achieve this:

1. Sign up your most loyal customers to the app
2. Give them a VIP order ahead experience
3. Promote the in-app referral system
4. Run social media campaigns to stimulate referrals
5. Monitor the impact and repeat

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Mobile ordering in the news:

Why Some Restaurants Are Cutting Ties With Mobile Ordering Apps – Mobile ordering isn’t perfect yet, it requires a rethink of venue operations. We often see venues half-heartedly put up a tablet and hope for the best. This is why they fail. We’re only working with partners who can see the potential and want to commit to the trend.

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Read and consider the benefits of mobile ordering to customers and venues alike. We've distilled our insights from years of experience in the industry. Mobile ordering is here - be prepared! 

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