Here you are. You’ve opened your own place, things are going well, every day a new face and a new order. However, wouldn’t it be great to see the same person come in every day asking for ‘the usual’? Customer Loyalty has to be your priority.

So what can you do to keep them coming back? And, most importantly, is it worth it?

If you own a quick service venue, you may have realised that, amongst your competitors, there are big chains that offer lower prices, quicker production cycles and that are supported by an unbeatable marketing outreach. It may seem like a paradox, but investing in your smaller scale could be the key to outrunning your large-scale competitors.

The cost of attracting new customers is about 5 times higher than that necessary to maintain fruitful relationships with existing ones, not to mention that a successful activity typically sees 80% of its business come from 20% of its customers. The recent rise of Word-of-Mouth marketing over traditional advertising also highlights the importance of customer loyalty to keep a business running, but also to expand its outreach. In your experience, what would you trust more, a flier or a recommendation from a friend? There you go.


We think the following tips may help you master the art of creating customer loyalty.

1.Know Your Customers

How can you effectively target your customers if you don’t know who your target customers are? Knowing who your services are aimed at is the starting point for a successful business. Everything, from the products you offer, to the employees you hire, to the overall atmosphere should reflect your selected customer’s values.

“We saw that emotional attachments to brands certainly do exist, but that connection typically starts with a ‘shared value’ that consumers believe they hold in common with the brand.” (Aaron Lottonn, CEB)

2. Don’t Neglect Customer Service.

Customers remember when they’re treated well, and when they’re treated poorly. Positive or negative ‘Word of Mouth’ can significantly affect potential business opportunities. Working on a smaller scale means having the chance to get closer to your customers and tailor the best experience around their needs and tastes.

Make the best out of feedback, either positive or negative: that’s how your customers feel about your services.

One golden rule to live by? Smile. Consumers that are greeted and served with a smile are likely to spend 67% times more.

3. We Need To Talk

Besides face-to-face communication, a fresh online element can take your business a long way. Keep your social media pages updated and your followers engaged with mouth-watering behind-the-scene peeks.

Refresh your customers’ memory by sending out a newsletter to introduce your new seasonal selection, or invite them to take part in a contest to choose the next coffee roast of the month. Why not send out birthday wishes with a special promotion to celebrate?

customer loyalty

4. Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Your employees are the face of your business. Working in a rewarding environment will make them be proud to work for you passing their loyalty along to your customers.

Turning necessary training sessions and briefings into stimulating experiences will result in informed and enthusiastic employees working at high standards.

5. Give Them Something to Come Back For

Your customers work hard to earn their money, helping them save will prove fruitful for you and rewarding for them in the long run. We recently wrote an article recommending how to reward your customers. It is important to offer motivating incentives that ‘surprise and delight’ your customers. This could be a free coffee now and again or even a high-five. It’s time to get creative.


6. Say My Name, Say My Name

Making a habit of sharing your name with your customers right away, and encouraging your employees to do the same, is a nearly effortless act that can make a significant difference. Sharing your name will give customers the impression that you are also willing to be held accountable.

Remembering your customers’ names, or even asking them again if you forget, shows interest in their respects, making them feel more important and welcome. If you get Ordoo then the customer’s name pops up with their order, so there’s no excuse!

7. Keep Your Promises

Here’s a no-brainer. Are you promising ethical organic coffee? Do you pride yourself on providing a quick hassle-free service? Make sure you are delivering your promise and that each customer walks out satisfied.

Large-scale companies have their perks, but smaller business can take advantage of their reduced scale to establish a more personal relationship with their customers, looking after individual needs and providing priceless personalised experience to each of them.

As Marie Forleo, American life coach, motivation speaker and entrepreneur herself, said: “Caring is the most powerful marketing strategy there is.”

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