October was a great month for Ordoo, we achieved our target of new venue sign-ups. It’s great to see more exciting food and drink venues joining the platform and benefiting from our services! With loads of new venues going live each week, it’s an exciting time for the team…

This week, I wanted to share some analysis on the food-to-go sector that keeps being raised to my attention when speaking with venue owners.

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The food-to-go sector is an exciting place to run a business. It’s estimated to have a value of c.£20bn and growing at 3.8% annually. However, it’s interesting to analyse who is exploiting this market opportunity.

Convenience stores seem to be popping up on every corner, with retail giants Tesco and Sainsburys encouraging on the sector. The recent growth in convenience stores means that they now occupy the largest proportion of the market, accounting for 24%. Convenience is king and grabbing your lunch on the go is all about speed. Retailers are picking up on this and innovating their checkout process to enable customers to be in and out in a matter of minutes. Interestingly, 18- to 25-year-olds are twice as likely to buy food-to-go in convenience stores compared to their older counterparts.

Whilst food-to-go specialist (such as Greggs, Leon and Pret) are seeing strong growth, there is little innovation to increase customer convenience. With wage rises set to increase 3.4% by 2020 for foodservice companies, directors need to balance out the requirement for speed with the cost of additional staff. Solutions such as Ordoo are focused on helping increase venue profitability by adding a convenient ordering solution without increasing staff cost. We don’t want to see customers migrate to retailer behemoths, but we fear it may happen soon unless food service venues adapt.

Ordoo News:

As the Chairman of CGA peach, Peter Martin’s slides at London Food Tech Week show technology is a ‘must-have’ with mobile ordering representing the largest % out of the new technologies customers would like to see in the future.

Click through from the Bagel Factory website to download Ordoo and order ahead at their Paddington site. Commuters can now shave off valuable minutes and make sure they get their coffee and bagel without missing their train!

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