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A new map of the Capital’s queueless cafes and restaurants reveals Londoners north of the river no longer wish to wait in line Order ahead technology pioneer Ordoo collated the interactive map of London’s queueless independent venues, where you can pay in advance from your mobile device and collect at your


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New High Street Technology The big chains have been colonising the high street for years, each offering a standardised menu and a uniform customer experience. Recently though, a counter trend has emerged, bringing a renewed sense of hope to a troubled high street that seemed to have lost its way.


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Why do you need a restaurant ordering app? The business case for a restaurant ordering app has been building. The benefits are bountiful, and the potential is huge. We are smartphone obsessed. 81% of UK adults own one, including 91% of 18-44 year olds (1), so it’s easy to see


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Mobile ordering will fail unless it can integrate effectively with venues’ existing processes and manage digital queues Mobile ordering systems must be built around a venue’s existing operations and enhance their processes. If this fundamental concept is ignored, the fantastic benefits to owners’ profitability and their customers’ journeys will be



Claim your £10 credit at Rebel Roll  Ordoo has teamed up with Rebel Roll  to offer you £10 credit – just for you! Just enter this coupon code on the app: ILoveRebelRoll10 For first timers using Ordoo: Download and sign up to the Ordoo app – available on iOS and Android


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Lets celebrate the very best of independent coffee shops, cafes and lunch spots together…  

Here at Ordoo we’re bored of the old school loyalty stamp cards. Who wants to carry around 10 different cards in their wallet? So… we have taken up the challenge of digitalising, modernising and revolutionising the whole concept of the antiquated loyalty card. It hasn’t been easy – in fact


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