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know your customers

Get to know your customers You might see them every day. You might know that they like their sandwiches on brown, and their daily coffee is a decaf, but do you really know your customers? And why should you care? To put it bluntly, your quick-service venue depends on it.



Hi Everyone, Lucia, here! I was once asked a very interesting question, “If you could identify yourself with something, what would it be?” That had never crossed my mind before and it took me about three days to come up with an answer — I even asked my mom for



The Ordoo mission is to save busy people time ordering food and drink. When an Ordoo user places their order they decide when they want it and just swing past and pick it up. This seamless collection experience is shifting customer behaviour to expect this heightened convenience. However, our mission



Claim your £10 credit at Rebel Roll  Ordoo has teamed up with Rebel Roll  to offer you £10 credit – just for you! Just enter this coupon code on the app: ILoveRebelRoll10 For first timers using Ordoo: Download and sign up to the Ordoo app – available on iOS and Android


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Lets celebrate the very best of independent coffee shops, cafes and lunch spots together…  

Here at Ordoo we’re bored of the old school loyalty stamp cards. Who wants to carry around 10 different cards in their wallet? So… we have taken up the challenge of digitalising, modernising and revolutionising the whole concept of the antiquated loyalty card. It hasn’t been easy – in fact


Top 5 Coffee types

Dark roast has less caffeine than light roast this is because caffeine breaks down during the roasting process.