This week I wanted to give you exclusive access to a white paper that I’ve written alongside John Richardson, from the Coffee Success Lab. To support our Customer Engagement Platform, I’ve written a 6-step framework for digital customer engagement for quick service venues. We’ve only released this to a select few of the trade press and prospective customers at our recent trade events.

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In this paper, I outline what digital customer engagement is and the increasing importance for quick service venues to adapt to the changing customer demands of millennials. The customer journey extends from the physical interaction in-venue and brands need to understand how to engage with customers in a digital word. The framework is as follows:
1. Online storytelling – reach your ideal customers
2. Shareable experiences – stimulate word-of-mouth referrals
3. Digital conversion – maximise digital transactions
4. Personalised information – recognise individual customers
5. Timing – engage with customers when it is best for them
6. Motivating incentives – develop customer affinity to improve frequency \

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Mobile Ordering to be a $38bn industry by 2020 – The reputable QSR magazine picks up on the business insider research that mobile ordering is becoming a trend of quick service venues. This helps to raise industry awareness.

Nation’s Coffee Consumption Habits Analysed – Ordoo’s latest press release was picked up by various industry publications, including Eat Out Magazine and Propel Info. This helps to highlight Ordoo as an effective source of customer data.

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Read and consider the benefits of mobile ordering to customers and venues alike. We've distilled our insights from years of experience in the industry. Mobile ordering is here - be prepared! 

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