There’s been a lot of chatter in recent weeks and months about mobile ordering and queueless restaurant experiences. Global names like Starbucks and McDonalds have announced enormous investment in mobile ordering and have received a lot of attention. There has been talk about never needing to queue again, the benefits of cashless payment and how to streamline operations when you have people picking up pre-ordered food and drinks.

What we feel has to change is that these conversations have centred around the sorts of fast food experiences that make our high streets less diverse and less exciting. No one can argue with the fact that Starbucks and McDonalds know how to run big businesses, but they’re not really the sort of eat out experiences you’d want to Instagram.

Don’t be stupid, be queueless

There is good news. Now, delicious, varied and exotic tastes are available to order in advance through your mobile. Just a few taps on your phone remove any need to queue for these incredible venues. This new and fun way to find independent speciality coffee shops and show your loyalty to those hard working baristas who get you going every morning is helping a high street renaissance.

Some coffees are so good they might just change your world. Thanks to mobile ordering, never needing to queue again may just change it a little bit too.

Here are some of our favourite queueless coffee haunts across central London.


Central St Cafe: Coffee with a mission

Keep it simple at the Central St Cafe, just off Old St. Grab a classic Americano, expertly brewed using Organic Natural Spirit blend beans. Central St Cafe is actually a registered charity and profits all go to provide almost 12000 delicious and healthy suppers for elderly Islington residents.

PizzaBuzz4 copy

Pizza Buzz

Pizza Buzz has already generated a lot of interest because of its innovative technologically enhanced self-service experience. But now you can use order ahead technology to make avoid the need to queue for an amazing, authentic Italian style Cappuccino.


Smaka: Swedish twist

Looking for something a little different? Smaka offers a delightful range of Swedish-inspired food and drinks. For Swedes, coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s an institution. That’s why Smaka sources their coffee beans from Löfbergs, a Swedish coffee bean company on a mission to offer the strongest, punchiest coffee around.

Savure copy


One of the most recent additions to the list of venues where you can order ahead from your mobile is the fabulous Savure. Founded in Turin, but now with a location in Shoreditch, Savure is a delightful taste of North Italian cuisine. Given their Italian heritage it’s hard to look past their Espressos, but Savure also offers the luxurious Caffe Savure, a double shot of espresso with foamed milk and Nutella!

KensKitchen9 copy

Ken’s Kitchen

Ken’s Kitchen on Great Eastern St doesn’t just offer the most exquisite Asian-inspired fresh food, they also offer great coffee. Made with speciality beans, the black americano at Ken’s is one of the best we have tasted recently.

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