New mobile ordering app streamlines operations and payments for hospitality venues

Thanks to disruptive mobile ordering companies, small chains and independent eateries can now match the operational innovation of multinational fast food giants, retain focus on quality, and make sure the hospitality sector continues to cater to the customer’s needs.

Having launched and trialled in Bristol, Ordoo is now rolling out its mobile ordering customer retention platform across the country. Cafes, restaurants and other venues can quickly get up to speed with the easily integrated platform and save up to three and a half days a year in customer queuing, ordering and payment time.

Mobile and online ordering isn’t just about efficiency. At present, venue owners will probably find that their payment processing companies know more about their customers than they do. Ordoo gives control back to the venue owners by providing data on their customers’ purchasing habits, helping them stay competitive in a market where international corporations are already taking advantage of mobile ordering systems.

As Eat Out Mag wrote earlier this month, household names like McDonalds have already made significant investments in mobile ordering technology, recognising its potential to eliminate bottlenecks in the queueing, payment and ordering stages of the customer journey. The burger behemoth plans to roll out mobile ordering at 20,000 venues by the end of the year to realise these efficiency gains.

Ordoo’s mobile ordering app allows all food and drink operators to compete with these technological developments. Venues can quickly get the platform synced with their processes to help streamline their operations at the busiest times, understand and action their customers’ purchasing behaviour and take ownership of their customer journeys.

Research from the University of Bath suggests that existing customers are more likely to be retained and new customers are more likely to be acquired if service is fast, flexible and responsive in meeting customer needs. The way that venues manage their operations sets them apart from competitors, and Ordoo users are rapidly seeing gains in their efficiency outstrip rivals’ performance on the high street.

Tom Dewhurst, Ordoo Founder and CEO, said: “This is about ensuring every food and drink operator has the ability to compete with the big guys in terms of the technology at their disposal. We work right in the heart of London’s Silicon Roundabout here at Ordoo, and we see new companies leading the way in tech innovation every day. The same should be the case with mobile ordering so that even those without multi-million pound marketing budgets can have the same advantages, and can use a system designed with them in mind from the start.”

Article featured in Eat Out Magazine.

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