How can you give your customers exactly what they want if you don’t even know who they are?

If I asked you who your target customer is, would you have a picture ready in your mind? About 80% of brands on the market do not have sufficient knowledge of their customer base to launch an effective marketing campaign, missing out on the opportunity to build stronger, fruitful relationships. That’s why we have come up with a few tips to help get to know your customers better. Yes, there are more sophisticated professional ways to handle and interpret customer data. However, this back-to-basics but effective approach will give you the tools to carry out your own analysis by yourself at no extra cost.

1. You are making assumptions.
Customer’s tastes and consuming habits keep on evolving over time, often following the latest trends. Last week was all about matcha? This week we only want turmeric lattes. What worked in the past may not be as fruitful today. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open, catch the wave and then ride it.

2. You are not looking past the purchase.
Your customers are the best ambassadors of whatever is ‘hot’ on the market, so pay attention to all placed or missed orders. Lately, people have come in wanting a particular item or ingredient? That rings a bell, doesn’t it? Have you been frequently asked if an order-ahead option is available? That’s something to look into, and Ordoo can help you with that! 😉

3. You are not leveraging social media.
You can get useful insights into your followers/customers’ taste and habits by monitoring what posts seem more popular or what are the busiest times of the day. Why not go bold and ask them questions? Not only you can gather profitable feedback, but also, as the interaction between you and your followers is publicly visible, your dedication to customer satisfaction won’t go unnoticed.

social media

4. You are not creating a target customer profile.

Remember the picture of your target customer you should have in mind? We weren’t joking. Working with a customer profile in mind can help you better identify and meet your customers’ needs. Think about your typical customer, what do they order, when, take away or have-in, soya or gluten free? Monitoring your social media might make this task easier.

customer profile


5. You are not walking in your customers’ shoes.
Have you ever tried to think like one of your perspective customers at lunchtime? That’s one way of understanding how people are finding what they want and what your competitors can offer them. Apps like Ordoo make it easier for customers to choose, as users can pick venues that know to be close to their area, independent and where they can receive unique deals and services, such as pre-ordering from their phones.

6. You’re not conducting surveys.
And you’re also not making them appealing. Remember the incentive programme? Customers will be more willing to spare some of their time to give you their opinion if they get something back from it. Also, when preparing your questions formulate them in stimulating ways; what would motivate a more creative answer, ‘What has been a pleasant surprise during your visit to our venue?’ or “Did you like this venue?’.

customer feedback

Make sure you ask captivating questions.


7. You’re not making the best of your small-scale business.
For small-scale businesses gathering and analysing customer data can happen on a more personal level and the whole process can be handled more easily. Take advantage of your scale and flexibility and of free tools such as Facebook analytics to implement your understanding of customer needs and behaviour.

8. You are not making the first move.
Reach out to your customers, don’t wait for them to come to you. Determine the most valuable time to contact them and make the best of both face-to-face and digital interaction.

9. You’re not investing in regular customers.
It’s said that 80% of a company’s business comes from 20% of its customers. Investing in your regulars can get a profitable insight into your loyal customer base.

So, are you ready to get to know your customers? Get in touch


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