Throughout January, our venues have been running offers to help get their customers over the new year blues. This is where Ordoo’s customer engagement platform comes in pretty handy! We’re able to fire out relevant emails and push notifications on their behalf. Yet many venue owners don’t know their customers and have the capability to reach out. Why is this?

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Last year we wrote a blog post outlining 9 reasons why you don’t know your customers (and how to fix that). Building on this insight, I wanted to update our list with recent findings and learnings from seeing our customer engagement platform in action. Here’s v2 of our 9 reasons you don’t know your customers:

1. You’re making assumptions – What worked in the past may not be as fruitful today. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open, catch & ride the wave.
2. You’re not writing it down –It’s not possible to remember every little customer detail. Write it down or enable customer data on digital tickets.
3. You’re not leveraging social media – We seem to share our deepest secrets on social media these days. Feel free to stalk your customers!
4. You’re not creating a target customer profile – Marketing 101 goes out the window after a year or so. Take it back to basics and figure it out.
5. You’re not walking in your customers’ shoes – Invest in regularly collecting food and drink from local competition. It’s a tough job…
6. You’re not conducting surveys – Deliver beautiful Typeform questionnaires within Ordoo to find out what your customers really think.
7. You’re losing touch with the front line – You may not be talking directly to every customer but make sure you don’t miss out on the feedback.
8. You’re not making the first move – Don’t be shy. Ask your customers what you want to know. You’ll be surprised about their honesty.
9. You’re not investing in regular customers – Don’t waste the time it took to learn about your regulars. Get their contact details and track their visit frequency. Focus on optimising your current customers for profitable growth!

If you run a venue, it’s time to pause and think about the processes you have in place to learn from your customers. They’re the lifeblood of your business, don’t lose sight of this.

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