There’s been a lot of chatter in recent weeks and months about mobile ordering and queueless restaurant experiences. Global names like Starbucks and McDonalds have announced enormous investment in mobile ordering and have received a lot of attention. There has been talk about never needing to queue again, the benefits


starbucks mobile order and pay

It can definitely be said that mobile ordering has been grabbing the headlines recently. It may not be a new technology for some, the Starbucks Mobile Order And Pay app has taken the world by storm and accounts for 8% of all US transactions. Coupled with the arrival of fast food


coffee queue

How long is too long? Having a queue in your coffee shop or cafe is a beautiful thing to behold, but according to the latest research, if you have more than six guests in a coffee queue, then people are deterred from standing in line. There is another six that


restaurant service

Imagine it… you walk into the same restaurant that you’ve visited every week for the last 12 months. The queue is long, you wait. You think about the restaurant service you’ve received. The lack of recognition and no one has ever said thank you. Would you return tomorrow? Or start



You Can Now Order Ahead At Savure Find Savure on the Ordoo app, select your lunch and pay through the app. Then just swing past and pick it up to save time and earn loyalty rewards… Not got the app yet? 

bristol indie restaurant

Ordoo’s journey began in many ways in Bristol. Launching there last year, we encountered a real warmth and an openness to new technology that would help the indie Bristol restaurant and cafe scene continue to push back against High St uniformity. We have now rolled out across the rest of


restaurant map

A new map of the Capital’s queueless cafes and restaurants reveals Londoners north of the river no longer wish to wait in line Order ahead technology pioneer Ordoo collated the interactive map of London’s queueless independent venues, where you can pay in advance from your mobile device and collect at your


What is customer loyalty

What Is Customer Loyalty: Rewards vs Discounts We recently asked you an important question: How well do you know your customers (1)? We believe knowing your customers means knowing what they want, and knowing what they want means you can keep them coming back. We’re now going a step further


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.10.39

Bethnal Green road is an interesting one. Connecting trendy Shoreditch with hipster Hackney, it’s in that strange not-quite, gentrified limbo where chicken shops and charity shops stand side by side organic corner stores and artisan coffee. A juxtaposition of culture and communities that don’t always see eye to eye. But


your restaurant app

Restaurant Menus are going mobile Spring is upon us! And it’s time for a bit of a clean-up of your restaurant menu. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to consider launching a mobile menu to improve your basket size and customer experience. Ordoo have been experimenting with variations on


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