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Beat the queue with Ordoo

Beat the queue with
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We know it can be a mission to queue up for your coffee in the morning, grabbing a quick sandwich at lunch or waiting for your drink after work. And so, our mission is to help you out! The Ordoo app aims to

Save everyone valuable time, everyday
Create personal relationships
Group of people
Ensure an amazing customer experience
Be digital enabler for independent venues
Simply reward loyalty, trust and quality
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Make someone’s day


Ordoo is an app to order and pay in advance at your favourite cafes, coffee shops, lunch spots and bars – beating the queue and earning loyalty rewards.

Ordoo available near you
Queuing...why bother?

With Ordoo queuing is a thing of the past! Order ahead when on the move, at your desk or from the comfort of your home – when you get there your order will be ready for you

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App-solutely fantastic

In a rush during your commute? Or maybe you’re late for your next meeting? Either way, our simple interface and navigation will speed up the ordering process

Ordoo quick checkout
Hi, how are you?

Feel welcome when you enter your favourite outlets. Ordoo fosters personal relationships with tailored rewards and welcome prompts

Ordoo rewards and coupons
Forever loyal

Show your loyalty and we’ll show you rewards! It is time to throw away your paper loyalty cards! Earn and redeem loyalty rewards within the app

Your order summary
Got any change?

We never carry any, and now you don’t have to either! Enter your payment details in Stripe, our secure payment system, and simply pay through the app over and over again

Invite & Earn
Shout it from a mountain

Or share it on social media. It's up to you, but sharing your experiences and pictures will earn you rewards. Who doesn't love a free coffee now and again?


Have your food and drink ready when you are. What are you waiting for?

Happy Face
Download the app
Get rewarded for loyalty
Place multiple orders and receive personalised rewards
Group of people
Everyday ordering & rewards
Which outlet do you fancy today? Pick one and order away
Get it while it's hot
Pick up your order when notified and you'll earn loyalty rewards


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The app is available on both Android and iOS